7 Wrestlers Expected To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 32

7. Brie Bella

Brie Bella has made no secret about the fact she's headed for retirement. Indeed, many fans expected her last match to be at Fastlane. It was a Divas title match against Charlotte, which is a more than fitting way to end a career. However, Brie is sticking around for now, perhaps wanting to secure that final big payday with a WrestleMania appearance. Along with the other divas, you could see her being booked in a tag or battle royal type match on April 3. After that, as Daniel Bryan said on Raw, he and Brie are going to start a family. It goes without saying, she isn't going to be wrestling when pregnant. Her deal is thought to be up in the summer, but leaving after Mania is looking like her goodbye moment. And as one Diva leaves, perhaps someone like Bayley will debut on the post Mania Raw.
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