7 Wrestlers Who Hated Their Own Theme Songs

"I hated that sh*t for four years".

Kurt Angle

Did you know time: it's actually illegal in several US states to refrain from bellowing a loud and hearty, "You Suck" along to Kurt Angle's entrance theme whenever you attend a WWE event.

Of course, that's utter nonsense, but it's OK. Everyone's safe, because no fun-loving fan can resist chanting that as the legend makes his way down to the ring anyway. Hell, even Angle himself encourages the mocking by waving his arms like he's conducting the choir. These days, "You Suck" has somehow become a way of expressing appreciation for Kurt and all of his accomplishments.

There was a time when WWE wanted to move away from it and focus on making Kurt a respected wrestling machine instead. Ask the man what he thinks about that and he's likely to roll his eyes and say it sucked. Who can blame him? Perfection shouldn't be tampered with.

This list explores Angle's love/hate relationship with his evolving entrance theme over the years and looks at six others who similarly despised their own tracks. First up, it's the most recent example, and he's not pulling any punches...

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