7 Wrestlers WWE Unsuccessfully Tried To Sign In 2015

Just because they have money doesn't mean they get everybody.

World Wrestling Entertainment may be the biggest professional wrestling company in the world, but it doesn't mean that they will always get what they want. Just because they have the most money and the most worldwide exposure doesn't mean that every wrestler necessarily wants to work there. The biggest reason why a wrestler wouldn't want to work for WWE right now is because the roster is so deep. Look at Tyler Breeze as an example. The man spent nearly five years in developmental/NXT before he was brought up to the main roster. He was probably ready for it two years earlier, but he had to wait while other people that were brought in years after him were called up to the main roster much sooner. Money is another factor, because there are other wrestling companies out there where guys can make a living, too. New Japan Pro Wrestling is doing very well and reportedly pays top American wrestlers like AJ Styles a lot of money (although those spots are limited). Companies like TNA and Ring of Honor have a few big names signed to deals, although TNA in particular have lost a significant amount of talent in the last few years. Another company, Lucha Underground, had a questionable future for months. They wanted to build around Alberto Del Rio, who wrestled as Alberto El Patron, but he got out of whatever deal he had with them to make a surprise return to WWE in October. That is proof that sometimes what WWE wants, WWE gets, but there are plenty of other times when WWE have been left to sit back and accept that they didn't get their man. Here are the names of some prominent performers that aren't in WWE that have apparently turned them down (or didn't go far in negotiations) within the last year.
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