7 Wrestling Dream Matches That Sucked (When They Finally Happened)

When dreams turn to nightmares.

Sting Triple H

Time for a shocker: the much-maligned Sting vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania 31 didn't suck nearly as bad as another, earlier Sting dream match.

It's true. Whilst it definitely didn't make much sense business-wise for the WCW icon to job in his very first WWE match, at least 'Mania 31 had some match quality bell-to-bell, lashings of nostalgic run-ins and some killer entrances. By comparison, a match he had almost 18 years before lacked any kind of atmosphere when the bell rang.

In other words, it fell flat, and that's the criteria for this list. Sometimes, after years (and, in some cases, decades) of waiting, dream matches bloody well suck, and they suck hard. Sorry for anyone who despises what happened to Sting upon his debut, but that was nowhere near as awful as the seven other nightmares included here.

There's a little bit of everything. Powerhouse vs. Powerhouse? Check. Legendary tag-teams finally going at it? Check. Real-life drama turning into a box office attraction? Check. Promotional wars playing out in front of the cameras one last time? Check...


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