7 WWE 25th Anniversary RAW Returns Who Couldn't Survive PG

6. The Dudley Boyz

When The Dudley Boyz returned to WWE in 2015, they fell under the PG scope, but their run was also short-lived. Granted Bubba Ray and Devon were brought back to help elevate younger talents, the team received a brief push upon their arrival. The only issue was that WWE didn’t do anything new with the duo to captivate audiences; instead, they relied on a nostalgia.

The juggernaut of sports entertainment hoped older fans remembered the glory days of The Dudley Boyz, whether from ECW, WWE, or even TNA. However, no matter which promotion they worked for, Bubba Ray and Devon found success by relying on obscenity and violence. And they seemed to know no bounds as they held bloodbaths in ECW and later sent female superstars through tables under McMahon’s payroll.

The cursing, the vicious matches, and disrespect of women would never fly in current-day WWE. Not even Bubba’s classic stuttering act would make airwaves today. All that remained would be akin to the stale 2015 run, which also toned down their use of tables, and was something many WWE fans could have gone on without experiencing.

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