7 WWE Hell In A Cell Statistics You Need To Know

The ins and outs about HIAC you should know before you tune in.


This Sunday, WWE will hold its 11th Hell in a Cell PPV, but the demonic structure’s history in WWE stretches back much further.

The first Hell in a Cell match took place 22 years ago, with 40 such bouts dotting the WWE landscape since. Two more matches are scheduled to take place at the PPV this weekend.

Twenty-six of the previous cell matches have taken place since 2009 and the advent of the HIAC PPV (meaning 16 took place in the 12 years prior), showing that the pace has more than quickened: it’s at a full-on gallop.

Obviously, having a pay-per-view named Hell in a Cell guarantees that there will be at least one cell match per year, but that doesn’t guarantee that the match(es) chosen to take place inside a cell should be. What used to be a blow-off for a feud now takes place because it’s that time of year.

Regardless, the 40 HIAC matches that have taken place have produced some interesting results in terms of who’s participated, who’s won and what trends have emerged. Who has won the most cell matches? Who has never won inside the cell? How often is a title defended and changed hands? Who has competed inside the cell? And how successful is Hell in a Cell at actually keeping the competitors inside and others out?

Let’s find out a little more about the ins and outs of the previous 40 Hell in a Cell matches…


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