8 Actors You Didn't Know Were Wrestlers

7. Milton Reid

Sabretooth X-men
Universal International/OWW

Some wrestling feuds just write themselves. When the role of Auric Goldfinger's bowler-hat flinging henchman Oddjob came up for grabs, Indian-born British actor and wrestler Milton Reid challenged fellow grappler and casting rival Harold 'Tosh Togo' Sakata to a legitimate match for the part. Talk about a ready-made main event.

Producers Eon, spoilsports that they were, put the brakes on any potential MSG sellout when they pointed out that Reid had already appeared in Dr. No, and was just being greedy. The match never went ahead, as Sakata was sent to the milliner's for a fitting. Reid did eventually enjoy a Bond reprisal, playing a mook in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me.

Under the guise of Jungle Boy, Reid sold out halls across the UK, as punters were intrigued by this mysterious foreigner from an exotic land (Glasgow, as it happened). After a dramatic clash with the indomitable Bert Assirati, Jungle Boy mysteriously vanished from Britain's wrestling venues, though a bald-headed Chinese schemer with a suspiciously similar face did soon emerge, trading under the name The Mighty Chang (not to be confused with World of Sport's Crusher 'Mighty Chang' Mason). Funny, that.

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