8 Awful Lessons WWE Programming Has Taught Fans

What exactly is the WWE teaching our children?

Everyone likes to look at the WWE as just mindless fun. If you point out the silliness of what you€™re seeing, there€™s always someone that has to remind you to shut off your brains and just enjoy the ride. Well, what happens when the person watching the show doesn€™t have that ability? What if the person watching the show is just a kid who is still learning how life works? What lessons are they going to learn from the WWE? Obviously the WWE is full of great lessons. Hulk Hogan taught kids to take their vitamins, say their prayers, and that even when you€™re too old to wrestle you€™re never too old to make a sex tape. John Cena preaches about hustle, loyalty, and how kids will buy the same shirt a hundred times if all you change is the color of it. There are even a few life lessons about friendships, what it takes to be a hero, and how bullying is never the answer. Unless people are cheering you, then it€™s okay to be a bully. Have you ever stopped to think about the other lessons though? What exactly is the WWE teaching our children? They're not all good lessons. In fact, some of them are very, very bad. Some of them you may not even have noticed. Some of them are just plain scary.
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