8 Best Options For Dethroning Samoa Joe As NXT Champion

8. Tye Dillinger


News coming out of the latest set of NXT tapings suggests that the company aren't planning on running with him any time soon, but the unexpected popularity of Tye Dillinger could be an avenue for NXT to explore in the future. Dillinger has slipped into the 'lose to new stars in their debut match' role, but the love afforded to him at TakeOver: The End... suggests that role may no longer be the best option for the brand.

The NXT audience loves Dillinger. His entire character revolves around his love of the number 10, and that seems to be enough for the Full Sail faithful. It is incredibly simple to get behind after all, and Dillinger really gives his all to the gimmick. He has also spent a huge amount of time in WWE developmental, being a part of OVW and FCW between 2006 and 2009 before returning to NXT in 2013.

It would take a bit of work when it comes to rehabilitation, but you are pretty much guaranteeing a huge moment if Tye Dillinger eventually becomes the man to defeat Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship. The very thought of the vignettes in the build-up are enough to excite.

Heck, why not have Tye Dillinger win the NXT Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Imagine the crowd as the referee gets closer to that magical number 10? It would be a thing of beauty.


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