8 Best Options For Dethroning Samoa Joe As NXT Champion

7. Bo Dallas


Not the most obvious choice on the planet, but stranger things have happened. Dallas was the 3rd ever NXT Champion, defeating Big E. Langston for the prize thanks to an exposed turnbuckle and his unwavering BOlief. Dallas was champion for an age, before dropping the strap to Neville in a ladder match at NXT arRIVAL.

Dallas commands a certain amount of love down in Full Sail, and Dallas finding an underhand way to defeat Joe would go down much better in NXT than on the main roster. If anything, Dallas cheating his way back to the top of the NXT mountain would not only be a good story to tell over the autumn and winter, but it would also provide Samoa Joe with a way out of the brand.

The brand split suggests that NXT could slowly come to resemble developmental once again, and this is definitely a good thing. In order for the new generation of NXT superstars to succeed, they may very well need to BOlieve.

It never gets old.


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