8 Big Lessons WWE Must Learn From 2018

Only going forward 'cause they can't find reverse.


Perhaps "should" may have been more appropriate for the title of this article. Few people - if any, anymore - tell Vince McMahon something he might not want to hear, not least something he could perhaps reflect upon in order to do differently.

WWE insulate themselves from needing to learn lessons, but that doesn't mean it isn't a worthwhile pursuit all the same. The good and bad of the year has been covered in several excellent retrospectives on this site, but nearly all of the alleged hate comes - despite the bile of those below the line - from a place of love. It as a company (or a product, at very least) that most entered into a relationship with a long time ago - time enough that divorce is no longer an option.

To learn is to grow, and to grow is to nurture something pre-existing and make it already better. At the start of 2018, few assumed WWE could become as financially enormous as it did when FOX and USA agreed to those eye-watering television deals. Here on the cusp of 2019 (or in it, depending on when you read this), few assume the organisation will ever throw its arms around consumers instead dishing out yet another dig in the ribs.

It is better to live in hope, than fear. Though try telling that to some particular groups of people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...


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