8 Big Questions About Vince McMahon's XFL Reboot!

Besides simply 'why?'

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Just about the last thing any wrestling fan in the world expected to be reading about at the close of 2017, besides perhaps a sensational WWE Universal Title victory for a returning, guitar-swinging Jeff Jarrett, was the revival of the XFL. WWE's attempt to bring Amiga classic Brutal Sports Football to life 16 years ago was, in the words of Vince McMahon himself, a "colossal failure". The thought of it coming back this year seemed as likely as a revival of Nazism. Oh.

WWE's turn as Pete Becker cost them dear. After conquering the wrestling world, they utterly failed to conquer the football world; the ridiculous league closed after just a single season, injuring dozens of budding footballers on its way to boring as many fans as possible. $35 million of that new-found monopoly money went down the tube, with most agreeing never to talk about it again.

Then in January of this year, ESPN broke the silence, running a '30 for 30' feature on the doomed venture. Towards the end of the doc, Vince McMahon grew thick with nostalgia, shockingly claiming he'd someday like to revisit the league. And here we are: it's a realistic possibility.

The biggest question is simply "why". But if this does become a thing, there are a few more which need answering. Like, "no really, why?"

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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