8 Contenders To Replace Mick Foley As WWE RAW General Manager

If RAW is going to need a new GM in the summer, who are the best options?

Mick Foley

If the rumour mill is to be believed, Mick Foley could be on his way out of WWE immediately following WrestleMania 33. Foley's future has been up in the air for some time now, and whilst many will be sad to see the Hardcore Legend, go his departure wouldn't be considered a surprise by even his most ardent supporters.

If Foley does leave then a vacancy will come up at the helm of WWE's flagship show and three-hour Monday night extravaganza, RAW. Foley has been RAW General Manager ever since the brand split returned to the company in the summer of 2016, and whilst his performance has been somewhat hit and miss ever since The Hardcore Legend still retains some sympathy with fans.

So who will step into Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's shoes if his expected departure comes about? There are a number of names already signed to WWE who could well fill the breach, along with the usual procession of outside options.

Some names will excite, others will incite only groans...

8. Mr. Bob Backlund


It is highly unlikely that WWE will allow Mick Foley to depart without a long-term replacement in mind, but if such a situation materialises the company could do a whole lot worse than give the short-term reigns to Mr. Bob Backlund. The WWE Hall of Famer was on WWE TV as recently as the summer of 2016, and whilst his charge Darren Young is on the shelf, a run as General Manager could provide some unique entertainment in the post-WrestleMania WWE landscape.

Backlund retains a somewhat peculiar popularity with WWE fans. The former two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion is as old-school as they come and as a result stands out from the crowd like the sorest of thumbs. The potential for hilarious interactions with New Era performers like Enzo Amore, Kevin Owens, and Braun Strowman is clear for all to see.

Backlund is a left-field choice to say the least, but if WWE were looking for someone to plug a gap for a month or two until more attractive options became available, the company could do worse than look to the master of the crossface chickenwing.


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