8 Current WWE Stars Who (Probably) Won't Re-Sign Their Contracts

Think these current stars will be around in a few years? We'd bet our lunch money they won't be.


They may be stars in the WWE today, but are they the WWE Superstars of tomorrow?

For every talented in-ring performer that seems to be on the longest WWE leash imaginable, there are talents who have the full support of the WWE Universe but will likely depart earlier than expected. Sometimes it's about a contract, other times it's what the writers offer for roles on WWE programming. It can be as simple as a WWE Superstar getting older or it could be their thinking they have the chops the company isn't seeing and that their talents would be more appreciated elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, WWE is currently employing a number of unique and gifted personalities who likely won't be around as the company hits the year 2020.

The year itself isn't important and we don't have it on any good authority that any one of the following eight WWE Superstars are actually leaving WWE, but logic would suggest there are reasons to believe the inevitable is coming.

Some of these talents will be terribly missed. Others, not so much.

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