8 Current WWE Stars Who (Probably) Won't Re-Sign Their Contracts

8. Kurt Angle


It took a while to make Kurt Angle returning to WWE a reality but when it happened, it was a memorable moment. Unfortunately, WWE lacked the ability to capitalize on the momentum, keeping him out of the ring for far too long then bringing him back in on very short notice. The contest was not built up and in matches since, he's shown a lack of mobility proving he's not got what he once did as an in-ring talent.

Age and injuries have taken their toll on Angle and terrible storyline ideas like finding his long-lost son haven't helped. WWE may have blown the opportunity here to use Angle in dream match scenarios and that's a shame. What will likely happen instead, is that one day he'll leave as the General Manager of Raw and not show up again. It will be unceremonious and unbecoming of a man of his legendary status but that's the way most things have gone since he returned.

At the very least, WWE could try to find a job for him backstage. He is one of the very best to ever compete in the industry, after all.

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