8 Decisions That Pushed WCW Towards Ruin

Looking back at crazy decisions that ultimately contributed to WCW's demise.


Going back to the wrestling heyday of the Monday Night Wars, once WWE overtook WCW in the ratings, the latter went down faster than a balloon hit with a rocket launcher.

About eight million YouTube videos tell you that people like to poke fun at pantomime villains Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff for business decisions they took that would have embarrassed a child. At key points in the company's run they and other individuals could have steered the ship back in an almost logical direction.

Unfortunately because of politics and bad strategy, WCW set themselves up for their ultimate doom in 2001.

This generation will never have the option to flick between Raw and Nitro on Monday nights, a real shame if you want to get away from Stephanie McMahon on a microphone. Let's dive into these dreadful decisions.

8. Using Vince Russo On Camera


You can't scroll through the internet without seeing some form of abuse being hurled at Vince Russo. Yes his infatuation with poles is slightly disturbing, and yes we all know he has an ego the size of a blimp. However, if someone had managed to lock him up in a room and vetted all of his insane ideas, they could have got some return on their investment.

Russo is credited with some good angles during WWE's 'Attitude Era', but finding that one good idea out of so many ludicrous ones was like trying to find a wedding ring swallowed by a dog two days later.

Looking back at the terrible examples of this, we were subjected to terrifying moments like Russo winning the historic big gold belt, then losing it to David Arquette, both of which are moments still ridiculed today.


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