8 Dropped Ideas That Could've Helped WWE Ratings



While WWE has delivered some legendary characters, some must-see shows, and some truly iconic moments over the decades, there are those other times when Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut has left fans face-palming at how the company has fumbled so many white-hot superstars and can't-fail angles.

Given that Raw and SmackDown have been hitting record low after record low over the past couple of years, you'd have thought that McMahon and WWE brass may be looking to learn from the mistakes of their past. But no, it's somehow very much a case of 'same as it ever was' when it comes to WWE dropping the ball on angles and ideas that could have a chance of giving ratings, PPV buys, and WWE Network subscriptions a genuine shot in the arm.

Whether it's today in 2019, ten years ago in 2009, or even back during the 1990s and beyond, Vinny Mac and his inner circle can't help themselves when it comes to failing to capitalise on potential breakout stars, key character turns, or obvious storytelling that should book itself.

Here are eight prime examples, then, of when WWE has had chicken salad in their hands, yet somehow turned it to chicken sh*t.


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