8 Forgotten WWE Superstars You Didn't Realise Were Still Listed On The Main Roster

You mean to tell me that Heath Slater is still a WWE Superstar?

Given the level of talent the WWE has at its disposal, it€™s no surprise that not every €œnext big thing€ ends up becoming a top Superstar. In fact, these days it€™s a very commendable achievement for a wrestler to simply make it onto the main roster of the world€™s premiere wrestling company. However, even if a wrestler has enough success to make it this far, it€™s still no guarantee that things will work out for them. Eventually some Superstars will be utilised less and less by the WWE until it gets to the stage where fans almost forget that they are still part of the roster. I guarantee that if you take a flick through the main roster that's available on the WWE website there€™ll be a few names you€™ll not have realised were still listed as wrestling for the company. Although to save you the time of doing that, you could just read the rest of this article instead. The article will focus on 8 Superstars who a number of WWE fans may well have forgot were still members of the roster, looking at where they are now, examining how they ended up there and speculating as to whether or not they will ever make a comeback. These are the forgotten wrestlers of 2015...

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