8 Huge IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 Predictions You Need To Know

Alexander or Cage? Purrazzo or James? Miguel, Maclin, or Phantasmo? Plus, Braun Strowman?

IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 venue
IMPACT Wrestling

As usual, there's a certain feeling heading into Bound For Glory on 23 October.

IMPACT Wrestling traditionally builds their pay-per-views so well that they can't possibly flop, far surpassing the reputation they held in the mid-2010s. There's always genuine excitement for the events, and Bound For Glory is no different.

A multitude of stories have been crafted with the finest comb to avoid any numbing errors slipping through the cracks. Josh Alexander vs. Christian Cage and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James are both these intense, personal feuds that are worthy of such a grand stage to execute their respective blowoff matches, while the remainder of the card looks likely to meet and break expectations.

Business-wise, this will be IMPACT's first event outside of Nashville's Skyway Studios since the 14 April 2020 broadcast of their weekly AXS TV show. Sam's Town is a trustworthy venue to deliver the usual standard of an IMPACT pay-per-view, having been used by the promotion multiple times to great avail.

The card is there for a corker of an event, rounding out a tremendous quartet of 2021 pay-per-views. It's now a case of delivering the standard we've come to expect of them.

Let's get to it...

8. Countdown To Glory: Inaugural Digital Media Title Match

IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 venue
IMPACT Wrestling

The looming issue with the Digital Media Title is that it already has the vibe that IMPACT don’t care about it.

Its inaugural tournament was posted to their media platforms, hence the title’s name, but it didn’t receive the same treatment as ‘canon’ IMPACT programming if you will. There were no GIFs to go along with it, no graphic released whenever a new wrestler qualified for the finals, and no hype at all.

If they don’t care, the fans shouldn’t care.

It’s a shame, too, as for one, the title could actually create some intriguing moments given the presence of social media in today’s age. Waking up one morning to a Twitter notification stating a new champion was crowned is the stuff that would help WWE’s 24/7 Title thrive.

Here’s hoping IMPACT instantaneously removes this overarching fear, though. A hot Countdown To Glory pre-show should achieve this, preferably with Jordynne Grace taking the win. While John Skyler rectifying his previous Bound For Glory tryout failure would be a neat story, it hasn’t got enough steam behind it to justify him beginning this title lineage.

Winner: Jordynne Grace


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