8 HUGE WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Predictions You Need To Know

WWE's first PLE of 2023 could be its very best, especially if new WrestleMania rumours are true...

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Royal Rumble has remained one of WWE's most beloved institutions in spite of Vince McMahon completely forgetting how to book them and numerous editions in the 2010s being left to rot by in-house negligence and/or the blanket refusal to try something different.

Not this year. For all of the faults that have started showing themselves in the way Triple H books, the Rumble feels as though its aura has been restored. And 'The Game' - for his own ego at very least - will want to prove he's been the man to do it.

Then there's the idea that revealing men's Rumble favourite Cody Rhodes (more on him later) in advance was because they already had other surprise appearances they were content enough to fill the quota with. Who or what could that be?

Mercedes Moné returned from exile for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but Naomi has remained conspicuous by her absence thus far. Neither Edge nor Beth Phoenix have been seen since they were destroyed by The Judgment Day at Extreme Rules last year and will presumably want revenge. The Rock is The Rock, but even his reported "No" isn't an official one until he says so or the show itself goes ahead without him.

It's fun to speculate over what isn't announced but this used to be a necessity rather than a bonus. WWE have actually advertised things that warrant a discussion and debate! And what a time to get into a good habit...

8. Roman Reigns (c) Vs. Kevin Owens

Stone Cold Steve Austin

On Raw Is XXX, Roman Reigns found Sami Zayn Not Guilty of his alleged crimes against The Bloodline but did so with cold and callous restraint.

’The Tribal Chief’ only pardoned him "for now", and wanted no part of Zayn until his Royal Rumble bout with Kevin Owens, when he’d be forced to do "the right thing". Whatever exactly that is.

The latest gripping twist in The Bloodline saga was perfect go-home fodder, as was Owens’ fight-the-world mentality elsewhere on the show. It suited what all of this has been about since ‘KO’ inserted himself in the group’s business last November. The story is so good at this point that WWE have arrived at a rather unique paradox here - thrillingly, the babyface can’t win.

Reigns is not losing his titles at The Royal Rumble, but could he lose Zayn once and for all regardless? Can the ‘Honorary Ice’ simultaneously protect the gold while revealing that his bone-deep alliance is with the fallen challenger?

Yes, yes and yes, but it is with unfamiliar certainty about WWE’s steady hand that these predictions can be both bold and unclear. The company has rewarded fan faith for sticking with this tale with equal parts euphoria and anxiety. The end is near, but don’t expect a break from the undulations.

Winner - Roman Reigns


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