8 Legendary Tales Of Badassery From Steve Austin And Ric Flair

1. "Dirty" Dick Gives A Swirlie

While discussing the toughness of Dick Slater, Flair makes only a passing mention of the time he "stuck one of our mutual friend's head in the toilet". For those who aren't in-the-know, the man he's speaking of is allegedly Sting. The story goes as follows: While wrestling in Bill Watts' Mid-South promotion, the rookie Sting was getting a little too cozy to Slater's valet and real-life love interest Dark Journey, a former stripper who he'd brought into the business himself. Dick didn't take too kindly to this and took out his frustrations in a very physical way with the man who was at the time one half of The Blade Runners tag team with Rock, who would go on to become The Ultimate Warrior. After delivering a beating to the Stinger, Slater took his head and stuck it in the toilet, giving him a swirlie, and just like that one of the toughest men on earth was transformed into a middle school bully all over again. Some versions of this story even have Slater taking on Sting and Warrior at the same time and besting them both, but only Sting's head actually received the fearsome flush.
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