8 Lessons WWE Could Learn From The MCU

Engaging action. Unbelievable characters. Proper stories. All things Marvel do that WWE fail at.


Marvel and WWE are two of the biggest creative companies in the world. They both dominate their genre, take in a ridiculous amount of money, and are seen as powerhouses within their industries.

That's not the only similarity that they share though. They both try to create incredible moments through their use of action and drama. They both have a vast amount of characters to them. They also both make a lot of their money through vehicles outside of their main product - merch sales, toys, and other ways of expanding their brand.

So why is one of these seen as an incredible creator of content whereas the other seems to be continually seen as a laughing stock? Obviously the medium in which they operate is different, but at the heart of both companies is the same thing - entertainment. Clearly, Marvel are doing something which WWE should be trying to emulate.

Maybe if they read this article, WWE will see that there's a lot of things that Marvel are doing which they could learn from, and potentially try to use in their own product.

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