8 Lessons WWE Could Learn From The MCU

8. Give Each Character Their Moment

Marvel Studios

WWE and the MCU share a lot of similarities in terms of the ridiculous depths of their "rosters". Both of them share the use of some kind of "extended universe", meaning that there are a variety of products that come together to form one gigantic show. This creates an issue in terms of letting everyone shine.

Whilst WWE uses this to hoard a pointless amount of talent, Marvel still manage to find a way to showcase every one of their characters. Look at recent films for clear examples of how an ensemble film doesn't mean you give everyone zero screen time; nor does it mean that you pick one character to focus on, and ignore everyone else.

This doesn't have to take a lot of screen time, but it does mean giving each character their moment in the sun to allow an audience to properly engage with them. The WWE midcard and undercard are full of potential superstars who could shine if given chance.


Alongside this, Marvel manage this in a three hour film once every few months. WWE have three times that amount of content per week. There're definitely ideas to be taken on how they could showcase the depth of their roster in a more effective way.

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