8 Match Star Ratings For AEW Full Gear 2023

7. Orange Cassidy Vs. Jon Moxley - International Title Match

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This match, while still pretty great, probably would have worked better had the original plan unfolded.

Orange Cassidy mourned losing the International title following All Out, falling into a depression. The idea was to do a return match with Jon Moxley acting as the final boss that Orange must overcome in order to be canonised as a tippy-top AEW star.

The problem is that Mox suffered an injury at Grand Slam, and the belt was forced around the waist of Rey Fénix. OC then regained it, with the plot point that he didn't exactly earn it in the traditional sense. OC didn't finally dethrone the invincible Moxley; Mox was mortal and didn't even possess the gold, the elusive prize.

The story reflected the original concept, which might explain why a certain heft was missing; Mox ate and ate and even no-sold OC's best shots. He played the dominant badass with a brilliant sense of showmanship. He channelled Road Warrior Hawk throughout, only staggering on his feet as the tireless OC - a lovely oxymoron - chipped away at his mythical resolve. Mox did the job 100% clean, like he meant it.

An air of obligation hung over the whole thing - this was the thing that Orange Cassidy had to do prove himself, but also the thing AEW thought they had to do to get plans back on the rails.

Star Rating: ★★★★


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