8 Match Star Ratings For WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

8. KICKOFF: The Viking Raiders Vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder


A functional match - it very gently reheated the Viking Raiders ,as if they were a pair of poached eggs - there wasn't much to it because it was a five minute squash match on a Kickoff show.

Did it even need to go five minutes? Given that it repeated the bare minimum of story beats, no, it did not.

Curt Hawkins tried to whip Erik into the ropes and was met with a shoulder barge time and time again. It wasn't even effective; Hawkins rallied back to cut him off before launching into tandem offence, which wasn't ideal for Erik's aura. Hawkins and Ryder aren't even geeks. They are non-factors. They have done nothing on RAW of late beyond lose in two minutes to Drew McIntyre. They are walking corpses that exist to be further ground into dust by the stars, and yet they grabbed holds on Erik under the instruction of a goldfish masquerading as a road agent.

Ivar's hot tag looked as awesome as it always does, but Jesus Christ, he might as hell have obliterated Nicholas for how lowly Hawkins and Ryder are in 2020.

Bad news: this made the Viking Raiders look weak.

Good news: nobody gives a toss, and nobody will remember.

Star Rating: ★¾


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