8 Match Star Ratings For WWE Money In The Bank 2020

Short, crap, and wrestling-related.

Drew McIntyre

N.B. - Ratings are modified to factor in the fact there are no fans; obviously, it's not as good as the real thing.

The build to this pay-per-view was abysmal; WWE resolutely failed to adjust virtually any of its output to make a show without fans less punishingly weird.

They did the VIP Lounge, man. Twice. They put sofas in the ring. They put microphones on them to allow the talent in the segment to say their one interrupted line. They had the talent say the line, and the line was interrupted. Then the customary brawls ensued and matches were made, and at no point did anybody have the capacity to sense how weird this would look in front of no fans. Maybe they did, but it's Vince. You don't challenge him. Theoretically, say he lives as long and as vibrantly as his 99 year-old tennis-playing mother. He's 74 now. Do we get Miz TV in 2045?

All evidence points to us getting Miz TV in 2045.

Two of the short, short list of talent to really excel in the Performance Center - Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville - weren't granted the default memorable stage of pay-per-view as reward for their efforts.

And, when WWE did concede to this new world, in the form of another cinematic match, the only thing the comedy match got right is that it was a joke.

So that's good.


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