8 Men Who Could Be The Last WWE WrestleMania 35 Andre Battle Royal Entrant

8. Rusev


Four years ago in San Jose, Rusev - then a partisan of Putin - triumphantly trundled down to ring atop a tank, before the unbeaten Bulgarian was promptly put in his place by John Cena.

Since then, his WrestleMania outings have simply tanked.

Rusev might have been part of a League of Nations victory a year on, but it was simply a prelude for a humiliating beatdown at the hands of three 50-something legends. Surgery kept him out of WrestleMania 33, and last year he was the designated loser as Jinder Mahal rode to an unexpected United States title win.

It's been over two years since Rusev last tasted success on a PPV - a countout decision over Big Cass on the pre-show of December 2016's Roadblock: End of the Line. His schedule currently clear, next Sunday would be the ideal time for the Bulgarian brute to reverse his Show of Shows woes. The sun may have set on Rusev Day, but the man's residual popularity is enough to guarantee a positive reaction. Who knows: it could be just the boot up the arse his career needs. Then again...

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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