8 Minor Changes That Would Make A Major Difference To WWE Survivor Series 2017

WWE is a few small changes away from a very special pay-per-view on Sunday.

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The 31st edition of Survivor Series is just a few days away, and the penultimate pay-per-view of WWE’s year is shaping up to be one intriguing evening. When the matches were initially announced a few weeks ago, they were met with no small amount of derision. WWE wisely made changes in the weeks following, and many fans have done a complete 180 on the show.

The card is far from perfect, however. A number of the matches are somewhat bogged down by uninspired booking or unnecessary elements, or even the return of superstars who don’t seem to have any place in their match. Survivor Series 2017 is going to be fascinating, but it is far from perfect.

As usual, WWE would only need to make a small amount of changes in order for Survivor Series to tick all of the boxes in front of it. The wheel does not need to be reinvented, and no envelopes need to be pushed - but doing the simple things right often makes a world of difference.


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