8 More Former WWE Stars Who Need To Return To NXT

Out with the new, in with the old!


One of the best things about NXT, outside of its often thrilling in-ring product, is that just about anyone can show up there at any given time.

In recent times we've seen the arrival of TNA alumni Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Before that, everyone from Rhyno and Jushin Liger to Too Cool and James Storm showed up on NXT TV. It keeps things exciting and ensures that eyes are always on the product because, hey, you never know who is going to crop up out of the blue.

Not only are these guys good for a nostalgia pop and a bit of internet buzz, they're also talented in their own right and can contribute to the show and help the brand grow. Rhyno was a revelation in NXT, a guy that left WWE as a directionless midcarder made himself a player in the so-called 'developmental' league. 

There are lots of guys (and girls) like Rhyno, former WWE stars who still have something to give back to the business and would be right at home in NXT. 

A little over a year ago, in the wake of Rhyno and Brian Kendrick showing up at a set of NXT TV tapings, I posited ten former WWE stars who should return to the fold. Only the Dudley Boys did (and that wasn't even on NXT). 


Perhaps these eight will have a better chance...


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