8 Most Talented Wrestlers WWE Refuse To Push

Locked in the (Uso) penitentiary...

Finn Balor SummerSlam 2018

In a fair world, the most talented would be pushed ahead of the pack, given constant TV time and treated with the respect they deserve by WWE. They'd have stories and programs which suit their individual strengths and not have to constantly look over their shoulders at emerging talents from NXT primed to replace them.

WWE isn't a fair world.

The promotion's system is one built on a deadly combo of genuine pre-planning for the big stars and erratic, knee-jerk booking for the rest. That doesn't lend itself to consistency, and it's why some of the most skilled are left wanting weekly and constantly overlooked by a writing team who are, y'know, supposed to help them get over.

Everyone on this list has serious potential to be more effective than they are yet find themselves in some sort of weird doghouse. WWE, whatever their reasons, refuse to push these workers, and they're in creative purgatory as a result.

When you're one of the best wrestlers in the world, for example, and all your employer can think of is smiling, there's a problem...

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