8 Most Talented Wrestlers WWE Refuse To Push

8. The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers

In fairness, smiling is better than carrying fake testicles in a jar.

Alright, alright, that happened a few years ago now, but the smelly mess that was The Good Bros pretending to be doctors is still the last piece of character development WWE added to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Bálor Club with Finn doesn't really count; WWE failed to capitalise on the idea that Bálor had some heavies in his corner.

There's no solid reason why Gallows and Anderson aren't a steadily credible fixture in WWE's tag-team division. They're experienced, in great shape physically, can talk to a decent standard and have shown they can work against all shapes and sizes. Somehow, that's not quite enough.

Currently, both are doing exactly nothing. Once their SmackDown Tag Title feud with The Bludgeon Bros dried up over the summer, so did any and all creative thinking for what they could do next. Right now (creatively, not financially), these guys would be better off in New Japan.

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