8 Movie Characters That Should Be WWE Gimmicks

At least half of these characters could make for future WWE champions...

€œHopefully that simply will only be used as an entrée to incur someone€™s interest to then find out what we€™re really about. We make movies.€ €“ Vince McMahon, Beyond the Mat

Pop culture has, and always will be, the primary motivator for the product that professional wrestling churns out. The writers, bookers, and workers themselves, will always adapt storylines and characters based upon the latest trends in mainstream entertainment.

Hulk Hogan€™s name was lifted from The Incredible Hulk comic book and TV series, of which body builder Lou Ferrigno had been the star. Magnum TA€™s name and character was in ode to Tom Selleck€™s role as Magnum PI. Sting€™s resurgence in late 90s WCW saw his character dramatically change to an adaptation of Eric Draven from The Crow. Legendary tag team The Road Warriors received their name from the popular 1981 Mel Gibson flick of the same name. Hell, their adapted name when they jumped from WCW to the WWE, The Legion of Doom, was even lifted from the Super Friends TV series.

Yet, for as many characters that are lifted from film and TV, there are several others that are passed over. With that in mind, here are the Eight Movie Characters That Should Be Gimmicks:


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