8 New Directions For WWE Champion Roman Reigns

Who's brave enough to take on the Roman Empire?

Well, he's done it. Bar another shocking twist, Roman Reigns has finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (technically his second reign with the belt, but we'll let that slide). This week's edition of Raw has been generally hailed as a great show from top to bottom, and Roman's climactic triumph actually garnered a pretty decent crowd reaction - no mean feat given the fact the show was in Philadelphia, of all places. However, one question remains - where on earth do they go from here!? There's no doubting the fact that Roman's title reign will have to be handled very delicately, given the mixed, often volatile crowd reactions he inspires. On the bright side, WWE actually have several options available when looking for the next number one contender - and yes, I'm assuming that Sheamus' inevitable rematch won't go the way of the Celtic Warrior. From old foes to entirely new feuds, WWE have a veritable smorgasbord of rivals to choose for Reigns - some predictable, others rather less so. If this title change has reminded us of anything, it's that for all their current troubles, the company are still more than capable of pulling a surprising storyline (and a good show) out of nowhere. The Road to WrestleMania should be very interesting...

8. Dean Ambrose's Betrayal

Ah, the Lunatic Fringe. Not so much of a lunatic any more, is he? He's more of a scruffy sidekick, one only too accepting of his defeat in the final of the WWE Title Tournament, and a fiercely loyal defender of Reigns. Let's not forget that, for all the times Roman has been screwed out of the title, Ambrose has come agonisingly close on a number of occasions as well. It makes sense that he'd be harbouring some subconscious resentment of Roman. He's now the only former Shield member yet to have held the WWE Championship, despite being the de facto leader of the group at one time. A slow-burn heel turn wouldn't just be a compelling feud, it would also make complete logical sense. Sure, Dean and Roman have enjoyed quite the bromance over the past few months, but Ambrose has a history of cold, calculating behaviour from his heel days.
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