8 Questions Raised By Lucha Underground Season 4 (So Far)

The Lucha Underground motto: You've Got Questions... We also have questions.

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The fourth season of Lucha Underground is only two episodes old, and we've already got new Trios champions, a new promoter, Aztec coins going out for the Gift of the Gods championship, two successful title defenses for Pentagon Dark -- one of them in a sadly underwhelming Aztec Warfare match -- AND a Grave Consequences match looming for episode three.

That's a month of storyline in two hours. Even by Lucha Underground standards, the plot is moving faster than it takes the Believers to chant "This is awesome!" for something that is merely okay. It feels like the show is racing to get things done, like everyone knows they're on borrowed time.

Now that we've had a few days to process all these new wrinkles, some aspects of the show are becoming clearer. But that accelerated pace -- both of storytelling and of matches -- means that developments are piling up, leaving mounds of unanswered questions buzzing like flies.

So today, let's sort through the new and get to the nitty-gritty of what it all means. Let's make like Matt Striker's terrible puns and striker while the iron is hot.


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