8 Questions Raised By Lucha Underground Season 4 (So Far)

8. Who Is Actually Sticking Around For The Season?

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Lucha Underground has always maintained a fairly fluid roster, mixing mainstays like Fenix, Mil Muertes, and Prince Puma with lesser characters who come and go as needed.

But these two episodes have seen more random debuts than any in the show's history: Tommy Dreamer, Mr. Pectacular (aka TNA's Jessie Godderz), Sammy Guevara, "Savage" Jake Strong (aka Jack Swagger), and Big Bad Steve (the former Pindar/Luchasaurus).

The first two haven't been seen since Aztec Warfare, so they might've been one-off surprises. The other three are all in doubt after the outcome of the Trios match in episode two.

The show has also name-dropped four characters -- Dante Fox, Angelico, Texano, and Dr. Wagner Jr. -- who haven't appeared yet, alluding to several others. Will any of those established players appear later, or were they only mentioned in a lame attempt to tie into the previous three seasons?

Factor in that both the returning Hernandez and Marty the Moth got their arms broken by Pentagon -- which usually implies time away from the show -- and the roster has more question marks than ever going forward.


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