8 Terrible WWE Attires One Tweak Away From Excellence

8. Bret Hart


When: Monday Night Raw, 6 January 1997

One Tweak: Fix those boots, mate.

Your writer has long been an advocate of Bret Hart, just in the event that those born long after he'd retired weren't quite fully aware of exactly why he was 'The Best There Is, The Best There Was & The Best There Ever Will Be'.

There was very little bullsh*t to a line that sounds full of it. The phrase was adjacent to his 'Excellence Of Execution' moniker, but that rang just as true. Everything he did looked real and felt fiercely competitive, itself elevating every aspect of the product he was a part of. Yet, as a professional he was just as perfect - 'The Hitman' never hurt a man, no matter how believable his battles were.

Turned out in resplendent pink and black, his inch-perfect aesthetic sealed the deal apart from one exact time he failed to. Unfortunately for him, Shawn Michaels was there to point it out.

What the f*ck was with those ugly bright white boots on Bret? Hart had obviously mislaid his pair, but leave it to real life adversary Shawn Michaels to stick the knife in on while good and riled up on commentary.

D*ckhead or not, he was bang on there.

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