8 Terrible WWE Attires One Tweak Away From Excellence

7. Razor Ramon

Vader Attire Tweak

When: In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies

One Tweak: Don't reveal the truth.

As highlighted in Twitter user @IAndrewDiceClay's brilliant thread on quirky attire tells from those wrestlers that were half out of the company, Razor Ramon's mismatched tights/boots combo spoke volumes about about his detachment from the organisation at large as he prepared to make his exit shortly after this loss.

'The Bad Guy' was always as slick as his own hair, but much as Vince McMahon was trying to do with the way he constructed this encounter, Ramon was brutalising the gimmick once and for all.

It was a sad end to a magnificent run, but Hall's general dissent throughout 1996 foreshadowed a finale like this. He'd hated working against Goldust, hated WWE's unwillingness to meet his financial demands before agreeing to sign with WWE, hated the cynical p*ss test he was issued with upon informing them of his decision, and presumably hated this.

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