8 Things To Look Forward To When Wrestling Goes Back To Normal

This virus has changed everything, not even our beloved professional wrestling is safe!


Professional wrestling has suffered many casualties this year, from the banning of live crowds which affected every aspect of wrestling shows, to the cancelling of high stakes matches, to the neutering of the biggest professional wrestling event on the calendar: WWE's WrestleMania, which for the first time in its history just didn't feel like that big of a deal.

The world is slowly but surely starting to recover, and as a result, wrestling is starting to find its feet again. It remains to be seen when and if things will ever go back to normal, but here are some surefire returns that we are excitedly anticipating. It's been tough for us all, but we are tough enough, and so is wrestling!

It can't be denied that wrestling in all forms from the bottom to the top has taken a serious beating this past year, although just like The Rock, the world's favorite spandex soap opera says "just bring it."

Just like Hulk Hogan, the world's favorite spandex soap opera will Hulk up.

Just like John Cena, the world's favorite spandex soap opera will Never Gi--... you get the point.

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