8 Things We Learned From WWE Chronicle: Paige

The Brit was very nearly paralysed.


Shortly after NXT TakeOver: Phoenix faded from air, WWE dropped another in their consistently excellent series of Network documentaries Chronicle. The company intimated that the latest feature, focusing on the comeback and eventual heartbreaking retirement of Paige, would be the most on-the-nose of their fly-on-the-wall features.

They weren't kidding.

Leaving aside cynicism for the fact the documentary has landed at precisely the moment Paige is beginning the big promotional push for the upcoming Fighting With My Family film - and the necessary redemption narrative that entails - the latest Chronicle is a fascinating insight into the real performer, giving her the platform to address all her troubles in her own words.

She doesn't waste the opportunity.

Paige is disarmingly frank - without being too gratuitous on the details - about her personal troubles over the past 18 months. No subject is left untouched, as she reflects on gradually losing control of her life whilst she struggled to cope with an unfortunate injury followed by a major breach of her privacy. It's remarkably candid, and that's what makes these documentaries so incongruently human compared to the rest of WWE.

Of course, we all know how this ends. Or do we? Here's what we learned.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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