8 Times TNA Turned Trash Into Treasure

Those times they made magic from malarkey.

AJ Styles TNA Champion

It's now known as Impact Wrestling, because TNA Wrestling is considered a toxic brand. Even in its heyday, TNA Wrestling was regarded as either a laughing stock or a missed opportunity, ripe for mockery.

Has-beens and never-weres ran amok and drew huge paychecks while talented and unappreciated should-be stars were pushed aside time and time again. Questionable booking echoed the waning days of WCW, or WWE at its hokiest, loaded with swerves for the sake of swerves and gimmick matches so incomprehensible that even the announcers couldn't keep up.

Mocking TNA's missteps and bad calls was shooting fish in a barrel with a grenade launcher.

Even the things TNA handled well for the most part - like the dynamic Knockouts division and the thrilling booking of the X-Division - got brushed off as flukes, rather than genuine steps in the right direction.

Even now, with TNA in the rearview mirror and Impact Wrestling stumbling along, it's rare for wrestling fans to admit that, sometimes, TNA managed to follow a major misstep with something brilliant. Cody Rhodes called this the ability to turn chickensh*t into chicken salad.

And, from time to time - 8 times, to be exact - TNA managed to do exactly that.

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