8 Times TNA Turned Trash Into Treasure

8. Shark Boy: From Punching Bag To Stone Cold

After a fairly underwhelming run in the X-Division, Shark Boy somehow found himself in a series of hardcore matches with the likes of Abyss, Black Reign (an overweight and bewigged Dustin Rhodes), and Rellik (which is "Killer" spelled backwards, which we knew not only because it was obvious, but because they told us EVERY TIME HE APPEARED).

Practically mummified in fake bandages, Shark Boy was later written off TV with a storyline coma. And that's where things turned around.

Waking up from his coma, Shark Boy, who to my knowledge never actually spoke on camera, was suddenly channeling Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Donning a black leather vest over his regular gear, Stone Cold Shark Boy smashed together and chugged bottles of clam juice, emulated Austin's moveset with stomps in the corner and Thesz presses, and closed matches with a stunner (known as "the chummer"). He went so far as to co-opt Austin's most famous line, declaring that, "And that's the fishing line, because Shark Boy said so!"

It was thoroughly entertaining, easily the high point of his TNA run, and he even garnered a few decent wins under his belt.

A winner all around.

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