8 Times WWE Purposefully Sabotaged Other Companies

Ruthless and cruel or smart business? You decide...

Moustache Mountain

WWE's attempted monopolisation of the UK market shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone who has tracked the promotion's business tactics over the past three decades.

In Vince McMahon's eyes, Britain is his market, and that's true whether or not companies like PROGRESS are earning rave reviews, ICW are selling thousands of tickets in local arenas every year or ITV are attempting to bring back World of Sport. To WWE, their own interests are the only ones that matter; they're a business, and a damn powerful one.

McMahon's all-consuming corporate juggernaut has willingly stepped on toes to sabotage what others are doing over the years. It's not only humble independent groups in the UK that have suffered either. This relentless march towards complete power has affected the NWA, WCW, UFC and (most recently) ROH. But it's also been to detriment of the industry in general.

Is this clever business strategy or blind, ruthless ambition? Probably a bit of both. Will WWE ever let another company get one over on them in the long run? No chance in hell. As Vinnie Mac himself once famously said, "Stand Back"...


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