8 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Dynamite (Nov 30 - Review)

Hangman Page returns and MJF does the impossible on stunning show loaded with stunning details.

MJF William Regal

Last week's edition of AEW Dynamite was an incredible two hours of television.

The splinters within the Blackpool Combat Club have formed at such an intriguing time. They can't fall apart now and let sports entertainment win after eight months, can they? That was about the only flaw in the unbelievably fantastic main event between Chris Jericho and Tomohiro Ishii; Jericho was too good a pro wrestler. But is that where the story is heading?

A close loss to Claudio Castagnoli at ROH Final Battle, followed by a respectful handshake, to which Sammy Guevara takes issue? Perhaps Guevara begins to question who Jericho really is, and why he has spent the last three years of his career in his shadow.

For the first time since All Out, AEW is fascinating within the parameters of its own fiction now that the last details we might ever read about Brawl Out have long echoed around the content-sphere and the Elite have returned. They have returned by trailing 0-2 to Death Triangle in their best of seven series. Would a 0-3 result create too predictable a comeback? Would it suggest the idea that the Elite are no longer Elite, which...did not go well in 2019?

Tony Khan is at last posing the right sort of questions - as opposed to "Has he lost the dressing room and indeed the plot?" - as 2022 draws to a close...


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