8 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Oct 16)


3. The NFL Integration

The 'Downs' come first, of course.

It was mentioned in the intro, but it's worth repeating: NFL analysts don't give a flying sh*te about pro wrestling, and it comes across whenever FOX task them with selling WWE's product. Imagine middle-aged dads being asked to excitedly explain their kid's toys and you'll get the picture.

None of these lads care about wrestling, and that means they come across as patronising goons whenever they attempt to pretend that they'll be watching Roman Reigns battle Braun Strowman. Everything they say sounds more forced than a Reigns 2015 promo - there's no merit to these skits at all.

Sure, WWE are trying to use FOX's platform to get some mainstream buzz elsewhere, but it must be a thankless task for producers who know Curt Menefee wants to talk about the Bucs, Pats and Browns, not this wrestling stuff.


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