8 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE Raw (15 April - Results & Review)

Zayn/Gable steals the show, Uso/Priest confrontation misses, Ripley casts a pall over the show.

Rhea Ripley

WWE Raw brought its titles to the forefront Monday night, and the show produced a pretty good episode, carried by the strength of a tremendous main event and closing angle.

Sami Zayn and Chad Gable will rightly get all the praise for their work in their Intercontinental Championship match. They delivered everything you could have wanted, and then some. The two showed that you don’t need to have a months-long build to a hugely dramatic swerve to make it mean something. These guys pulled their entire storyline together in less than a month.

But another match with championship implications also produced some good results Monday night: a triple threat tag team match to determine contenders for the newly rechristened WWE World Tag Team Championship. New Day, the Creed Brothers and DIY turned in a solid performance.

But all was not sunny in Montreal. Rhea Ripley had some bad news to share, casting a pall over the program. R-Truth is still confused, and it’s still not that funny. And Jey Uso and Damian Priest had their first stare-down as World Heavyweight Championship opponents, and the reaction wasn’t exactly electric.

There were some other good moments – Sheamus returning to action, Liv Morgan playing into fans reactions – and several matches that registered as merely taking place and not really generating much of a feeling.

Overall, a good effort, but you can also see that post-WrestleMania hangover looming if WWE isn’t careful.

Let’s get to it…

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