8 Ups And 2 Downs For WWE NXT (Apr 13)

Which WWE NXT stars hit Tuesday night strong post-TakeOver: Stand and Deliver?

Raquel Rhea Bianca

Another monumental TakeOver event is now safely in the books, with the two blockbuster nights of Stand and Deliver going down in history as the most watched TakeOver in NXT history. Not too shabby.

Three new Championship eras were set in motion at the double-whammy PPV. Doomsday finally arrived for The Prince as Karrion Kross reclaimed the crown he never lost. Big Mami Cool swatted the Genius of the Sky on the back of a leap of faith for the ages. And the brightest young tag team in WWE finally cashed in on their Dusty Classic prize, earning tag gold just months after breaking onto the scene.

There was also the small matter of this week's NXT being the first to air on Tuesday nights in the wake of a conclusion to the Wednesday Night War. How would the black and gold brand start their new life earlier in the week? Much like a seemingly former roster member: Strong.

Two vibrant title matches, a collection of hopeful homecomings, and even the debut of new faces promised a bright future for a show in need of a shot in the arm. Sadly though, some bad old habits die hard, and NXT just couldn't get through a week of television without shoving some soap opera nonsense down our throats.

Let's not get hung up on the way The Way go about their business, however, as the good far outweighs the bad here, folks...

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