8 Ways WWE Can Reinvent Seth Rollins

8. Let The Fiend Destroy Him

Apparently, WWE knows they really screwed up. So much so, they felt the need to address this concern in the name of the match at Crown Jewel. Yes, the first ever officially titled Falls Count Anywhere "Can't Be Stopped For Any Reason" match will take place in Saudi Arabia on the afternoon of Halloween. Don't screw this up this time, Vince.

The match booking here should be very simple: let The Fiend come as close to murdering Seth Rollins as will be allowed in Saudi Arabia. OK, bad choice of words admittedly. But the point remains: let him destroy Seth Rollins.

There really should be no other reason to book this match. Sure, if Bray does take the victory here then he will take the red belt to the blue brand, but that isn't what this is about anymore. Bray needs this to save his character, and so does Seth.

If WWE wants to avoid the title change here, they can still avoid a finish. Not the best outcome, but having The Fiend beat the piss out of him all around the arena until he can't stand on his own two stomping feet should suffice regardless.

The bell doesn't even need to ring: as long as the damage is done they can play this off as not being a "match" at all. Bray could then disappear, his point proven and his next victim claimed as he prophesied. No need for a pinfall or traditional contest, because very fittingly for Halloween, he is just a monster looking for blood.

Does it blatantly spit in the face of rules as if it were Carlito and the said rules weren't cool? Absolutely. But what stopped them before?

Most everyone will be satisfied by seeing Rollins destroyed, and The Fiend will be restored. But if Seth was smart he would be better off to...


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