8 Wrestlers AEW Should Fear Losing To WWE

Tony Khan needs to keep these stars happy, lest they become competition.


As soon as the news broke that Triple H was taking over WWE's talent relations and creative, the dirt sheets came alive with chatter that the backstage feeling in WWE was largely one of positivity. Suddenly, opportunities to succeed in the company seemed to be a much more realistic goal for just about everyone.

WWE is no stranger to poaching stars. Heck, that's really how the company famously made itself the market leader. As an ode to his stepfather and the business that he "created", as Triple H puts it, The Game may well go down the same road. At the very least, it's safe to assume he already knows who he's going to ask when their contracts are coming to a close.

All the wrestlers on this list are very likely to flourish in WWE if booked right, eclipsing their time in AEW if head honcho Tony Khan doesn't do what he needs to do. Whether that's more money, more screen time or both, AEW's CEO and head booker must do all he can to keep hold of his talent lest they become a part of his biggest competition.

8. 'Hangman' Adam Page


Whilst Adam Page is no longer AEW Champion, he is still the centrepiece of a few different stories in the company. He’s a huge deal for AEW storytelling, as a star who rose to prominence in the Western wrestling scene through the feuds that the company laid out for him that took him to the main event.

In May 2019, Page revealed in an interview with State of Combat’s Brian Campbell that WWE had not just made overtures to sign him before he departed NJPW for AEW, but that they had been “more after [him] than most”.

Hangman had nothing bad to say about the process, complimenting WWE on being courteous and professional. In the end, he turned them down in pursuit of something that he described as a “game changer”. Considering the window that these chats would’ve taken place in, it’s highly possible that he was speaking to the current WWE head of talent relations or his men.

Meaning that, in all likelihood, Triple H was the man pushing for Adam to come to WWE, and stands to reason that Hunter feels the same way now - perhaps even more so with seeing the former AEW Champion’s success on TV.

Page still has plenty going on in AEW, but if he's ever looking for a new challenge, WWE will be more than happy to oblige.


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