8 Wrestlers Who Could Be The Mystery AEW Casino Ladder Match Entrant

Could it be? Oh, my!


AEW has a...mixed history with debuting talent.

The company is very trusting of its audience, and it's beyond refreshing to have one's intelligence respected. In contrast, if a writer was brave enough to point out that WWE probably shouldn't have jobbed King Corbin to Elias ahead of his match with Drew McIntyre on RAW, Vince McMahon would have told them to f*ck off, because we're not going to remember, are we? We are smark goldfish to this man.

Still, the alternative isn't automatically better, which is why AEW had to refine its process. Excalibur was rightly pelted for reading the debuting talent's Wiki in a state of faux-shock, even if that first bit is virtually every WWE promo. With the introductions of Jeff Cobb and Lance Archer, AEW relied less on the crowd pop and more on the craft of anticipation and presentation. The ominous warning shots fired to the babyfaces backed up by sensational video packages were better than "That's the Blade, JR! You'd know this if you could take your eyes off the damn Bunny!"

At last year's Double Or Nothing, the Dark Order debuted to zero reaction, where Jon Moxley, greedily sucking in the air of freedom, changed the business in a super brawl with Kenny Omega.

As for this year's...?

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