8 Wrestlers Who Did Their Finisher In Recent Movies

These wrestlers locked in or executed their signature moves on the big screen.

Roman Reigns Spear Hobbs & Shaw
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If you're going to go to great lengths to bring in one of the stars famed for bumping their bodies through tables and whipping live crowds up into a frenzy with apparent easy for your upcoming feature, it'd almost be rude not to have them showcase some of the signature manoeuvres that put them on the map in the first place, right?

And, sure enough, seen in the fact that this is actually the third version of this type of intriguing list WhatCulture have brought into your lives, filmmakers just can't seem to get enough of letting their wrestling thespians nail some of their most popular moves whilst the cameras are rolling.

Half the fun when opting to add a well-known exclamation point into your project comes in the form of figuring out what sort of creative and/or violent way said move can be laced into the action. But your writer will let you decide whether or not these finishing shots added to the spectacle or took you out of the action in an instant.

From farcical superkicks to Baddest slams on the Planet, these wrestlers all definitely added their own unique stamp on their cinematic moments.

8. Keith Lee - The Main Event

Roman Reigns Spear Hobbs & Shaw

With the sheer amount of stock WWE (or more specifically Triple H down in NXT) put into their Limitless sensation over the course of his mostly meteoric rise to superstardom on their product, it was fairly safe to assume that Vince McMahon had some rather big plans for former North American and NXT Champion Keith Lee.

And while that ultimately turned out not to be the case, his appearance as one of the leading faces in Netflix's tag team with WWE for their children's feature The Main Event acted as another notable notch for the charismatic superstar.

It was during this cinematic bow, taking to the NXT ring over the course of the flick as Smooth Operator, where Lee was able to nail his famed Bang, Bang Catastrophe in one of the film's many fun montages. Sure, The Main Event may be nothing more than a light and harmless slice of family fun, telling the tale of a young boy who takes on pro wrestling powers upon slipping on a luchador mask. But it still gave us a Limitless Lee doing what he does best on the biggest streaming service on the planet.

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