8 Wrestlers Who Did Unusual Things Vince McMahon Loved

"There's nothing funnier than dog sh*t!"


Vince McMahon is a man of many arcane behaviours.

The WWE Chairman hates sneezing, famously telling Steve Austin "I sneezed! I should be better than that. I should be able to control that" after letting one out. Upon learning that Gerald Brisco had a weak stomach, Vince tried to make him vomit by farting in his face, only to accidentally sh*t himself, cut a whole in-ring promo without changing, then chase Brisco down backstage with his poopy drawers. He once let the Hart Foundation hit their finisher on him while drunk in a strip club. Jim Ross had to sell McMahon on the popularity of Asian pornography before he'd hire Gail Kim, leaving the WWE chief baffled.

The list goes on. He might be the most interesting person alive.

Knowing all of this, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise to know it often takes a touch of the unconventional to impress Vince. An immensely successful businessman he may be, but he's also a deeply eccentric billionaire whose way of thinking is equal parts genius and madness, though the examples within definitely lean towards the latter.

Let's take a look at some of the weirder things to pop the boss...


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